Taipei Office 台北辦公室

Anfernee Zhang

Chief Happiness Officer 首席幸福官

Anfernee 擁有超過 10 年的電商創業經歷。25 歲在澳洲創辦網路藥局 OKme,透過自營網站、eBay 及 Amazon 等通路,全通路策略在短時間內獲得高速成長。

2013年,創立 Innovotech Labs,專注於電商的價格競爭數據分析,在定價策略有深入研究,客戶包括 ALDI Liquor、Bunnings Warehouse、Baby Bunting 等大型零售通路。2015年,創辦 TransBiz 跨境電商顧問,希望結合國外數位行銷以及電商數據分析的實戰經驗,協助台灣品牌「賣」向世界。

Tami Huang

Chief of Revenue Officer 營收總監



Chris Lin

E-Commerce Strategy Consultant 品牌跨境電商顧問




Jesse Yang

Client Relationship Executive 客戶關係管理專員


曾是機械加工/自行車製造工程師、零組件銷售業務、經營過自己的電商小賣場…試圖串連這些經歷,跟 TransBiz 夥伴透過數位行銷,為台灣產業做出貢獻!


Doris Lin

Content Strategist 內容行銷策略



許自己對世界始終充滿好奇的眼,如海綿般吸收、朝著心之所向,初心莫忘 —— 為台灣、社會帶來正面的影響!

Leo Lee

Video Creator 影片行銷顧問


Miya Hsu

Chief Financial Officer 首席財務長




Philippines Office 菲律賓辦公室

Sorsogon, Philippines

John Glenn Barquilla

General Manager

Being a BPO worker who started from the lowest rank, I always dreamed of being in a company which values its workers’ welfare and growth. I am more than grateful to be given the opportunity not just to be in one, but to actually manage it.

Years I stay in TransBiz, with huge knowledge progress about digital marketing. I have witnessed how the company grew, not just in the number of clients and staff, but in terms of expertise in this field. True to its vision, everyone’s committed in helping clients win in the global arena.

Having an excellent team is a dream come true.
As what we always aim, ‘Hire, Keep, Develop the Best and Brightest.’

Makati, Philippines

Valerie Joyce Tamayo

Human Resources Manager

A driven individual who values work attitude and behavior above anything else. Having had the opportunity to work in different industries made me understand and appreciate the importance of having good and moral work ethics.

TransBiz’ vision inspired me to take on this opportunity to contribute and set expectations that would boost the company’s standard’s on a higher level.

As I continue my journey here, I hope that I can truly inspire individuals to excel and to be the better version of themselves.

Baguio, Philippines

Katrina Ruth

Director of Brand Strategy

Background in Journalism could’ve landed me elsewhere. But delving deeper into writing and all its forms shifted my gears towards copywriting, eventually digital marketing.

Ecommerce is the business of tomorrow. TransBiz clearly laid a foundation that is proving itself successful in the industry and getting onboard is a career and learning opportunity.

The training helped me improve in aligning content within marketing strategies while keeping consumer behavior in mind to come up with better conversions. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

I press on gaining knowledge and mastering skills while contributing to the goals and growth of TransBiz.

Caloocan, Philippines

DD Ocenar

Content Specialist

I started off as a humble community manager, and eventually graduated into a digital campaigns strategist. After freelancing as a content writer for events, brands, and social media pages, I decided to strike out as a copywriter.

I joined TransBiz to jump into the eCommerce rocket, and I’d love to use my copywriting magic to take brands from zero to hero in no time. My aim is to help my clients, my company, my colleagues, and I to grow reciprocity in substance AND profit.

Sorsogon, Philippines

Mariel Habijan

Editorial Director

An enthusiastic, fun-filled extroverted soul with a colorful personality and a total fascination with writing.

Working in this culturally diverse environment brings so much more creative insights and promotes a better and a more competitive workforce in the global community as we all strive to learn and respect one another’s diverse background.

TransBiz’ team culture encourages endless learnings which I am most thankful for. I aspire to be the best in the content marketing field, and I always look forward to everyday challenges that promote a more solid foundation in each of us.

Sorsogon, Philippines

Erica Erlano

Social & Community Specialist

Always in ecstatic motion with life. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated person. I enjoy reading, arts, music, and entertainment.

Being a Technical Support Rep before had made me passionate about talking to people. It gave me superbly outreaching skills. Now, I am enjoying those skills to interact more, presenting my ideas, and exchanging thoughts on media.

Working for TransBiz really strengthened me BIG time. Its power to influence, persuade and convince people to be their best fascinated me. I felt like I will never stop developing and I love it because it will surely give great progress on my maturity and help me excellently approach the world today and in the future.

Davao, Philippines

Lean Avenir

Social & Community Specialist

A person who constantly strives for creative and technical excellence.

Giving the brands I handle quality content that are seen and consumed by thousands of people on social media is my challenge everyday, and I love it.

I joined TransBiz because I want to learn from fellow digital marketers and share my knowledge and creative ideas. I’m confident that my thirst for collaboration will make me an integral part of TransBiz’s success.

Biñan, Philippines

Hannah Raissa

Social Media Specialist

I believe in empathy, compassion & peace.

Joining TransBiz is a challenge to what I could do more and where I could be as well while learning team collaboration and time management.

For any parent, this is an ultimate dream job as I never have to miss anything my kids are a part of. I wouldn’t trade my work-from-home life, and I’m incredibly grateful that I have that freedom in TransBiz.

My goal is to go beyond what is needed and always look at the bigger picture. TransBiz truly helps me think outside the box.

Sorsogon, Philippines

Renz Baltazar

Social Media Specialist

As a Communication graduate, the position of Social Media Specialist works great for me! I’m a talkative and quirky person who loves communicating with people to bring awareness to our brands and products.

TransBiz’ culture of continuous growth pushed me beyond my limits. It’s a place where people trust my skills and decisions while honing it.

It’s my goal to grow and apply all my learnings into valuable actions. In the long run, I want to be an asset of TransBiz as someone who teaches and supports the company’s future employees.

Makati, Philippines

Monica Ong

Art Director

A 20-something illustrator/web designer/art director living in one of the many islands of sunny (or rainy) Philippines. Rarely seen outside her cave unless duties burdening fellow adults, friends or traveling soul calls.

Initially, I joined TransBiz in order to work from home & escape the clutches of Manila traffic; little did I know that in a few months, I’ll come to love working in the company & find new friends within!

I want to keep learning more about UI & UX Design and a bit about management, too! Moving forward to become a top designer!

Muntinlupa, Philippines

Paul Jualayba


As a former freelance creative designer and a self-declared chef, trained over the years working in harsh environments of Manila, I finally felt the lure of settling down to TransBiz.

I was amazed with the vision of TransBiz and the friendly community within. Everything for me was so great that I never felt I was working a day.

I want to strengthen my skills and learn new things in design that I never knew it even existed. I will support TransBiz towards success with my expertise in multimedia arts and will also be one of my goal in life.

Malabon, Philippines

Joy Tuazon


A self-taught, multi-disciplinary Designer whose focus is on Graphics & UI/UX.

Joining TransBiz is fun. People are excited to be here and work with one another – people are passionate, responsible and trustworthy.

TransBiz is a place that values its employees by investing in them. People here are empowered to innovate and learn new things. Colleagues also encourage you to put efforts into making yourself a better-skilled person.

I’m always looking forward to working everyday here where people believe that they can do things greater together than themselves.

Davao, Philippines

Jacob Pasco

Funnel Builder

Front-end Developer with more than 7 years of experience utilizing applications like WordPress and Shopify. I take pride in seeing my works being used and knowing that it satisfies the sole purpose of why it was made.

I joined Transbiz believing that I can help the company more in delivering quality outputs to their clients as what they are already doing. But it turns out that the company helped me find awesome people that I really look up to and get to work with.

I want to learn more with the things not related to web development like marketing but also become a master of what I am already good at.

Cavite, Philippines

Del Burac

Funnel Builder

Passion and creativity lead me to the path of Web Development. With years of experience as a Web Designer/Front-end Developer and after working with different clients online I found this very interesting trend called Digital Marketing.

With the eagerness to learn things about Digital Marketing I was very lucky I found TransBiz. As a freelancer, all I dreamed is to be part of a company who cares and values their employee but what I found is not just what I aim and dreamed of. I found my new family!

As the team’s Funnel Builder my goal is to become a Shopify Expert. I know it’s a very long road to take but I believe that with TransBiz I’m on the right track.

Sorsogon, Philippines

Zyra Mae

Director of Acquisition

Fate played with me well, I left marketing school after a year of struggling and finished English Language & Literature but the call of Digital Marketing is too loud to ignore.

TransBiz’s vision, adaptability to changes and passion towards what they do is irresistible and aligned with my personal values.

I ought to be a holistic Paid Media expert and the way to get there is to continuously learn and convert these learnings into a marketing strategy which will help brands compete and sell more in the global market.

Iligan, Philippines

Vince Ruelo

Paid Media Specialist

Background in law school but jumped into an e-commerce start-up and responsible for the advertising firm, then, discover my deep interest in digital marketing.

Planning, executing marketing strategies and making sure that our clients continue to profit is my daily challenge. Advertising is really tricky since people are changing every day, I am always looking for multiple solutions to educate customer into actual buyer and feel the sense of identity by the product even the Brand.

TransBiz gives me the best opportunity to sharpen my skills in order to help our partner brands dominate the global market through cross-border e-commerce also I find the team environment to be conducive thus I choose to grow with the team together.

Sorsogon, Philippines

Ailyn Domanico

Director of Operation

A Copy Writer with a background in Elementary Education. Loves writing and connecting with people through words. Believes that words are a very powerful tool in Marketing.

Writing emails, blogs, and listings for E-commerce businesses are my daily duties. I’d been with Transbiz for a few years now and I am happy to learn and grow with Transbiz and in one with their mission of helping small businesses succeed globally and switch my duty to the director of the operation team.

Sorsogon, Philippines

Rome Tadong

CRM/OPS Specialist

Its been 5 years when I was introduced to customer service. Many would think it’s easy but it’s not. I managed develop my patience, care and sincerity through this. I am able to achieve a better version of me, thanks to TransBiz. I have learned many skills, I didn’t even know I have. Now, I aim to be an expert in the operational side and to push myself further.

At last, the once lost path is finally found. What I want to achieve? I want to have the contentment and happiness that I am always looking for…

Sorsogon, Philippines

Jerome Diaz

CRM/OPS Specialist

On any given day, you can find me in front of the screen of my laptop actively managing influencers, Social Media Campaign.

Social & Community Specialist isn’t about just emailing or chatting. For me, it’s about the special right given to connect with the lives of other people in different events. I consider every brand that I handled as I owned it and consider myself also a customer using it.

TransBiz has given me inspiration, motivation and practical knowledge succeeding in digital marketing and in life. A way that is mutually beneficial to me and TransBiz allowing growth and advancement.

Sorsogon, Philippines

Jigz Gaspacho

CRM/OPS Specialist

I’ve always found my calling to be on the world wide web. Amid the clacking of the keyboard, I get my joy by delving into the complex (and often perplexing) details of the internet. Nothing beats the thrill of organizing and learning from the data I collect.

When I joined TransBiz, I was new to its objectives and goals. eCommerce and digital marketing were unknown territory. In TransBiz, I joined a family of highly competitive and goal-driven individuals. Through this company, I found a family that collaborates and shares new knowledge and strategies with each other. They also helped me improve how I prioritize, work smarter, and overall improve my work ethic.

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