Taiwan Office 台灣辦公室

Anfernee Zhang

Chief Happiness Officer 首席幸福官

Anfernee 擁有超過 10 年的電商創業經歷。25 歲在澳洲創辦網路藥局 OKme,透過自營網站、eBay 及 Amazon 等通路,全通路策略在短時間內獲得高速成長。

2013年,創立 Innovotech Labs,專注於電商的價格競爭數據分析,在定價策略有深入研究,客戶包括 ALDI Liquor、Bunnings Warehouse、Baby Bunting 等大型零售通路。2015年,創辦 TransBiz 跨境電商顧問,希望結合國外數位行銷以及電商數據分析的實戰經驗,協助台灣品牌「賣」向世界。

Tami Huang

Chief of Revenue Officer 營收總監



Hamza Benatmane

Head of eCommerce Strategy 跨境電商策略長

A cat person, living in China for 6 years, enthusiastic about Branding, Strategy, and everything related to e-commerce. Specialized in helping sellers succeed on Amazon, DTC, and marketplaces. TransBiz’s values align with mine and it’s also a good opportunity to create an even bigger impact for more businesses globally.

Miya Hsu

Chief Financial Officer 首席財務長




Chris Lin

E-Commerce Strategy Consultant 品牌跨境電商顧問




Jesse Yang

Client Relationship Executive 客戶關係管理專員


曾是機械加工/自行車製造工程師、零組件銷售業務、經營過自己的電商小賣場…試圖串連這些經歷,跟 TransBiz 夥伴透過數位行銷,為台灣產業做出貢獻!


Doris Lin

Content Strategist 內容行銷策略



許自己對世界始終充滿好奇的眼,如海綿般吸收、朝著心之所向,初心莫忘 —— 為台灣、社會帶來正面的影響!

Leo Lee

Video Creator 影片行銷顧問


Philippines Office 菲律賓辦公室

Bacolod, Philippines

Michael Latoza

Operation Manager

A vibrant world teeming with new ideas and innovation, evoke me retiring from BPO industry and discovering the fantastical world of E-Commerce.

TransBiz offered me the opportunity to be part of the expansion, ensure the unlimited potentials is tapped leading to optimum growth. “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.” — Albert Einstein.

#KISS #BaconIsLife #TravellingAfterCOVID

Las Piñas, Philippines

Juan Carlo Hernandez

Operations Analyst

Dislike going out but I love to explore. Life is an irony!

Resonated with the vision of TransBiz, hoping to improve even further achieving greater heights together with everyone.

We want to help you build your brand’s operational excellence by systematizing workflows to maximize efficiency without sacrificing quality.

Sorsogon, Philippines

John Barquilla

Founding DNB Partner

Being a BPO worker who started from the lowest rank, I always dreamed of being in a company which values its workers’ welfare and growth. I am more than grateful to be given the opportunity not just to be in one, but to actually manage it.

Years I stay in TransBiz, with huge knowledge progress about digital marketing. I have witnessed how the company grew, not just in the number of clients and staff, but in terms of expertise in this field. True to its vision, everyone’s committed in helping clients win in the global arena.

Having an excellent team is a dream come true.
As what we always aim, ‘Hire, Keep, Develop the Best and Brightest.’

Sorsogon, Philippines

Jenylyn Cha

Finance Specialist

Patient listener and problem solver. Not a mathematician but love numbers.

Interested in getting more involved in the digital marketing and I saw the opportunities as a way to contribute my skills, knowledge, and experiences in the line of HR, admin, and finance here in TransBiz.

Living with a saying, “Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love.” – Don Miguel Ruiz


Makati, Philippines

Valerie Tamayo

Human Resources Manager

A driven individual who values work attitude and behavior above anything else.

TransBiz’ vision inspired me to take on this opportunity to contribute and set expectations that would boost the company’s standard’s on a higher level.

As I continue my journey here, I hope that I can truly inspire individuals to excel and to be the better version of themselves, make sure that members are well taken cared of.

#HR #Plantmom #Coffeelover

Cebu, Philippines

Christie Apostol

Senior Recruiter

Working as a Recruiter for almost 7 years. Have an unwavering faith to the lord. #Friendly, #Faithful, and aiming to become a #FlourishingRecruiter.

Joining Transbiz inspires me to perform my love for Recruitment and helping talents thrive in their chosen career.

Malabon, Philippines

Jason Mutuc

Recruitment and Admin Specialist

Introverted, talkative, and jolly person. I joined TransBiz to share the knowledge and skills I learned from my previous work experiences with 5 years in HR among different industries. I believe that “ When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed” this keeps me motivated.

#HRlife #Homebuddy #CoffeeinVein

Branding & Creatives

Makati, Philippines

Monica Ong

Creative Lead

A creative lead in the morning and a small online shop owner + freelancer at night. Dabbles in too many crafts and has a lot of expensive hobbies. Works to provide a good life for her senior dog. Always on the lookout to learn more skills and share newfound knowledge with the team.

There are always opportunities to tackle and learnings while working in TransBiz! More importantly, it respects my me-time and encourages entrepreneurship outside of the company.

#JuniorPlantita #Workaholic #MamaMon

Legazpi, Philippines

Nicole Cantero

eCommerce Creatives Lead

I write copy. I research keywords, too.
Watching series or playing games are what I do in my free time.
This could’ve been a sentence, but I like things that rhyme.

#DJSatinNicole #TheEnglisher #Unicorn

Decided last minute to pursue the e-Commerce Copywriter instead of Content Writer that I am familiar with. Unfamiliarity scares me. But I dive in any way because I know it’ll teach me something. Was it challenging? Definitely. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Makati, Philippines

Edrei Olarte

Strategic Branding Lead

Usually shy when it comes to big crowds or conversing with new people but client facing and management are my specialties. Always wanted to experience working with a cross-cultural company, and I’ve always found it interesting.

“It’s just a bad day, not a bad life”.

#CatLady, #WorkoutBuddy, #FoodDumpster

Muntinlupa, Philippines

Paul Jualayba

eCommerce Video Creatives Lead

“Producing moving pictures that sells”

Started as a graphic designer for Amazon listings and slowly climbed up to co-lead the eCommerce Creatives team from there, I’ve learned how to manage and lead a team of wonderful people.

I never knew that I will learn so much and grow my career here in TransBiz.

“Keep moving forward”

#darkness #silent #fastworker

Novaliches, Philippines

Mari Isabel Malicdem

Senior Digital Designer

Loves eating veggies and exploring different plant-based food.

To growth and expand my skills, drive me join TransBiz.Create heart stopping, amazing visuals for Amazon, social media and shopify brands are my specialty now.

“We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.” and “there’s a will there’s a way”

#veggieislife #teaislife #noisy

Quezon, Philippines


Digital Designer - Branding

#BrandingPrincess #Hamstermom

Aside from my passion for creating, I love food, crime documentaries and watching pet videos! I joined Transbiz to explore more of the branding side in the e-commerce industry. Giving companies a new brand and opportunity to excel in their different field makes me feel exciting.

Manila, Philippines

Jamiya Umali

Brand Strategist

Specialize in branding and marketing for e-Commerce and have worked with the biggest brands and e-Commerce enabler in the Philippines.

Transbiz’s global mindset has inspired me to move from the local to global e-Commerce space.

Books, dogs, and travel spark joy in my life! Find me outside of Transbiz in my podcast and volunteer work.

#Feminist #Determined #Philomath

Cavite, Philippines


Product Video Editor

#Furmom #Pinklover #YourChingu
An introvert, slow-to-warm-up person. Like playing cosy video games and collecting bts merch or anything pink related stuff ❤️

I am happy to have the opportunity to contribute my skills to the team and learn new things as well.

“If you believe you can achieve!”

Paranaque, Philippines


Video Content Producer

#Quiet #BabyBoy #DudeParehChong

Turn pictures into moving pictures. Tired of slacking off and wanted to grow even more in video creation. TransBiz resonates with my goal and it continues to give me the growth that I need.

I always encourage myself, “Small progress is still progress.”

Manila, Philippines


Video Content Producer

#ConceptKween #PreprodIsLyf #Caffeinated

A visual storyteller. Worked as a producer and writer for lifestyle shows in the Philippines and then decided to share my stories to the world, so I joined Transbiz. I believe that visual is our universal language and Transbiz is my ticket to communicate to the world.

Content Marketing

Makati, Philippines

Karen Pangan

Content Marketing Lead

A digital marketing specialist by profession and a lifestyle writer by passion; writing is her first love. That love story has evolved now to include digital marketing and SEO magic.

A proud cat mom of one spoiled rescue kitten, former makeup lover, always stays true to what she’s passionate of: crafting and telling stories.

#EditQueen #StressedCatMom #theKookyKook

Makati, Philippines


Marketing Communications Specialist

#WordWhiz #BookNerd #ForeverTypeA

Love working on collages, journaling, and overanalyzing the lyrics of my favorite artists. Enjoy going to the beach and practicing yoga every now and then.

If you need someone to put words together in a pretty way, I’m your go-to girl.

Coming from a traditional publishing background, I joined TransBiz to immerse myself in the digital space.

“belief over surrender” – no matter how hopeless a situation may seem, things have a way of working out in the end if you stay hopeful and work smart.

Iloilo, Philippines


Junior Editorial Assistant

Love sunsets and the beach with chill house music in the background. Enjoy fashion, style, and nice aesthetic things.

#BeachPlease #StyleInspo #DogMomma

I joined Transbiz for professional growth as a writer for social media and learned best practices to maximize reach. – good things come to those who hustle.

Influencer Marketing

Sorsogon, Philippines

Renz Baltazar

Influencer Marketing Lead

#MasterNegotiator #TalkTalkTalk #InternallyWeird🙈

Super love talking with influencers, negotiating deals, and crafting content to help brands build value in social media.

Being highly curious and happy pilling on some occasions. Visit the weirdest places on earth is my dream- just exclude the scary ones.

I joined Transbiz because as a fresh grad I’m always been fond of social media and want to give it a try. Now, I realized more than that, actually joining here was the best decision to GROW!

Manila, Philippines


Senior Influencer Marketing Specialist

A home person, currently enjoying working from home. Since I am taking an interest in Influencer Marketing, Transbiz is a great fit as it would help me grow in many aspects.

Most people would call me #ShopeeQueen #DogLover #MasterChef I love Adoring my dogs, listening to music, watching Netflix, cooking, playing computer games, and playing my ukulele from time to time.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Acquisition (Ads)

Sorsogon, Philippines

Sherry Guan

Amazon Advertising Lead

#Workaholic #AdsQueen #DataLover

Drinking and enjoy the beach view with friends is always my lifestyle.

A dedicated person to help businesses to generate traffic and leads from Amazon and Google. The culture of TransBiz let everyone devotes their time for excellence and plays smart in order to win.

“If you find yourself stuck in the middle there is only one way to go, forward”.

Cebu, Philippines

Zahra Villapaz

Media Buyer Lead

#MediaBuyer #ImperfectPerfectionist #GoGetter

Love music, dogs, and just recently got into crypto. An experienced media buyer, an entrepreneur who always wants to explore other possibilities. Felt the resonate when reading the Vivid Vision of TransBiz and would love to share my field of expertise.

“Nothing worth having ever comes easy”.

Amazon Operation & Customer Loyalty

Laguna, Philippines

Nicole Ruiz

Amazon Operation Specialist

Love arts and crafts, animals, and travel.

Shifting from a seasoned HR Learning & Development practitioner to building an alternate competency in E-commerce with culture of openness, fun, and growth here at TransBiz.


Manila, Philippines

Alyssa Graham

Customer Loyalty Leader

#Granny #HotnessOverload #FlexiGraham

“Maleficent” – fearless yet kind. I strongly gravitated towards Transbiz because I believe in all that is written in the Vivid Vision. I live by two mottos and I would be happy to share this one: “Do not do unto others what you do not want others to do unto you.”

Sorsogon, Philippines

Giselle Tarlac

Customer Service Representative

Working hard while having fun has always been my mantra.

Just like what the founder of TransBiz, Anfernee, believes, “I also believe in happiness first. Success and wealth will follow.”

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